About Pyon


“PYON” originates from the collaboration of the Korean expression of ‘PYEON’ meaning to be on one’s side, and the English expression ‘PIONEER’.

As the name suggests we strive to satisfy both our customers and partners established on our spirit to pioneer the possibility of fair opportunities and coexist in harmony with all sides.



PYON places great importance on communication with customers. We will listen to the customer and will be alert to their satisfaction at all times. 



PYON commits to protecting the trust between our customers and partners. 

We implement professional inspections to provide the best products, and special care is taken to ensure that no fake products are introduced.



PYON is transparent in the management and disclosure of the purchase and delivery routes. 

In addition, for the easy understanding of our customers, we provide guidance through our pricing process. 



“PYON” aims to open a new era of fair markets for both consumers and sellers by offering the highest value products at the lowest commissions, and takes this as the base of the company spirit.

To achieve this, we maintain the lowest commission rate in the industry and reduce the cost by minimizing the intermediate distribution process. 

Supplying to customers globally, beyond Korea and the UK, through consistently developing PYON’s pricing policy is our goal.


PYON’s Growth Potential

We live in a period now where not only fashion but various lifestyles are used to express ourselves.

  • PYON is in pace with these trends by offering one platform where customers can purchase with ease a wide variety of products 
  • In addition, we provide shipping agency services so that customers can receive products that are not on the PYON platform.

From experiences that allow the customers to be reminiscent of visiting the boutique in person to personal shopper services are the new way of luxury shopping, all of which are unique to PYON.

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